Mexican food has delighted in fantastic appeal in America for several years. From burritos to enchiladas, Mexican dishes at Mexican restaurants near my location are the pride of many an American cook and the vibrant, spicy, tasty meals grace many a table. What is the story behind the food?


While it is thought that Mexican food has strong roots in the ancient Mayan culture, it was the Spanish intrusion of Mexico in 1521 that most highly affected the meals. The Spanish explorer Cortez and his followers brought with them new kinds of animals like pigs, cows, and sheep. They likewise brought dairy items and different herbs and spices like garlic.


While Cortez presented many new foods to Mexico, he was likewise, in turn, presented to some new foods. It was a healthy trade of local specials and taste buds pleasing foods.

Every food has a structure of components. In Mexico, it was squash, corn, and beans. Each area then included their specializeds to this structure. In the Yucatan Peninsula, seafood was the main addition together with fruit-based sauces.

Quesadillas, an essential in Mexico and considered to be genuine Mexican food in fact not just have roots in Mexican customs, however in Spanish. The corn tortilla, believed to be essential Mexican, is really native American.

When picking a place to dine, a Mexican restaurant likewise provides an opportunity to attempt something different. The local chefs and genuine dishes definitely make the Mexican fare more special than ever. It is the combination of the food and the culture that makes it special.

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